Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest

The Elementary School

Elementary School

The Elementary School welcomes children from ages 6 to 11. It marks the beginning of compulsory education and consists of two ‘Cycles’:

-              Basic skills Stage (Cycle 2): 

-> Class of CP/Year 1 (children born in 2011),

-> Class of CE1/Year 2 (children born in 2010)

-> Class of CE2/Year 3 (children born 2009).


-              Development Stage (Cycle 3):

-> Class of CM1/Year 4 (children born in 2008)

-> Class of CM2/Year 5 (children born in 2007)

This Cycle is completed by the first year of ‘Collège’ (Middle School), called “6ème”/Year 6 (children born in 2006).

The main priorities of Elementary School are to learn the French language and the basics of mathematics allowing students to have full access to fundamental tools of knowledge.

Teaching is usually provided by a multi-skilled teacher who is responsible for organizing education in the various fields of learning:

• Language Skills

• Humanities: Collective Life, History, Geography, Foreign Language

• Mathematics and Science Education

• Physical Education

• The Arts: Musical Education, Visual Arts

• Civic and Moral Education

English language teaching starts in Year 1. Students also benefit from hungarian language teaching, either as a mother tongue or as a foreign language.

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