Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest

Lunch Services



The canteen service of the LFB has been provided by EUREST Kft. For ten years.

“EUREST Étteremüzemeltető  Kft”, (restaurant operator Ltd), has been present in Hungary for 20 years with its network of 70 subsidiaries. 25 000 – 30 000 people eat each day in its canteens and there are 100 000 regular users of its services in workplaces as well as in hospitals, in schools and social organizations.

The firt and more important principle of our “Suliest” programme, particularly suitable for schools, is balanced diet. EUREST, when composing menus, takes into account the regulations of the ANTSZ (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service), the required amount of daily calories and the necessary diversity. Each day, a different type of meat is served: pork, beef, poultry, turkey, fish and accompaniments such as vegetables, pasta without eggs, potatoes, rice, all partially of organic origin. Our menus, except for main dishes, always contain green salad or soups, cheese and dessert. The latter is often a home made one such as our raspberry mousse made with whipped cream, fruit yogurts and cakes.

Our services are enriched by seasonal activities such as the “Chocolate Fountain”, the “Giant Pancake”, the “Mexican Day”, the “Orangery” or the “Week of Tastes” organized at the initiative of the School.

Parents can follow all information on our canteen by using the menus posted each week on the website of the school.

Contact : 
Szilvia Szeitl 
Tel: +36 1 274-7258 (from 8 to12)