Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest

A word from the Headmaster

Dear Parents, Dear Children,
In joining the French School in Budapest (Lycée français Gustave Eiffel de Budapest - LFGEB), you choose to put your faith in one of 494 establishments belonging to the network of The Agency for French Education Abroad (l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger - AEFE), which welcomes 330,000 pupils in more than 135 countries across the world; and for this we thank you. In the service of the French and Hungarian families and students, plus those of other nationalities (actually there are nearly 40 different nationalities represented in the school), the LFGEB team works continually to develop a quality education " à la française", from the infants up to the senior school.  The teachers, the vast majority of whom are selected from the French and Hungarian national education systems, strive towards a personalised and closely-supervised teaching method.
The reputation of the establishment is founded on clear priorities, defined by a shared vision:
- A constant theme: excellence in the domain of language - the creation of a multi-media resource allows a greater individualisation of teaching in this area.
- An Ambition: provide future citizens that are responsible, respectful towards others and their cultures, and that are open to the country of residence and its system of education.
- An engagement: to permit each child the opportunity to study the subjects of its choice in accordance with its preferences and talents.
Remarkable results in the examinations (100% success in final and intermediate exams - "baccalauréat et brevet"), a school life of recognised quality, excellent study conditions: these are other strong points, which we hope will persuade you, parents and children, to join the dynamic LFGEB.
We thank you for your visit. The site is here to bring you the answers to your questions about the establishment. And we are, of course, available to meet you personally.
Joël Flouder
Headmaster, Lycée Gustave Eiffel de Budapest