Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest


The Preschool welcomes children from the age of 3, prior to the compulsory education which starts at the age of 6.

For the present school year 2018/2019 it is for children:

born in 2015 who will be enrolled in the first year of preschool called ‘Petite Section’ (PS),

born in 2014 who will be enrolled in the second year of preschool called ‘Moyenne Section’ (MS)

born in 2013 who will be enrolled in the last year of preschool called ‘Grande Section’ (GS) (preparation for the 1st Year of Pimary School)


The students are welcomed in a setting conducive to youth development, suitable for their age: spacious and bright classrooms, a motor skills room, a napping room for the little ones and a dining room. Children are taught by a native French teacher and looked after by a French-speaking Hungarian teaching assistant (ASEM). During these three years, the teaching follows the curriculum of the French National Education:


The Preschool (also named ‘Cycle 1’) plays a vital part in the students’ learning experience and determines their academic success. The purpose of the preschool is to encourage a child’s curiosity for school and their natural desire to learn. It is also designed to help them shape their independence and to offer possibilities for personal growth and development in order to reach their fullest potential. It provides a first school experience and a socialization experience in which students develop a sense of how to learn and get along with others.

Students  also benefit from hungarian language teaching, either as a mother tongue (PS, MS, GS) or as a foreign language (GS).

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