Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest



In the French educational system, there are two exams: the school certificate called “Brevet” at the end of the 3rd class (9th year) and A-levels called “Baccalauréat” at the end of the secondary school.
Brevet: 100% success each year (more than 10 points higher than the results in France) with a grade A pass for the majority of the students 
Baccalauréat: almost 100% success over the past 5 years with many grades 
100% of our students are admitted in the field of studies they wished to go to. Most of our students continue their higher education studies in France in prestigious courses: Faculty of Political Science, Business Schools, preparatory classes for prestige universities with competitive entrance examinations.
Some students choose universities in Hungary (Corvinus, ELTE, BGF, etc) or prefer to go to another country, such as Switzerland, Italy, Holland, The Great Britain or the USA, to realize their project with success.