Gustave Eiffel French School of Budapest

Middle & High School


School stationery must be provided by the family: notebooks, binders, small grid note papers which are available in Hungary are all acceptable. It is good to keep also large format big grid duplicate copies.
For students in 6th-9th classes, books are lent by the school. Students have to pay a deposit of 15 000 HUF for the books. This deposit is returned at the end of the 9th class or in case the student leaves the school. In case of damage or loss, textbooks have to be refunded; otherwise, the student will not receive any other books.
Exercise books are to be paid by the families but provided by the school. All school stationery (notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, etc) is to be provided by the families.
In 10th-12th classes, books are to be provided by the families. The book list is displayed at the school and you can find it on the school website as well.
Additional courses provided by the CNED (National Centre for Distance Education): registration requests have to be handed in to the chief educational supervisor. Costs are to be paid by the families.