A mozi világa

A nyelvek hete kapcsán, amelynek témája a “nyelvek és a mozi” volt, a Budapesti Francia Iskola három 6. osztályának diákjai az angolóra keretében találkozhattak Guilaume Benski, francia producerrel (egyik diákunk édesapja). Beszélgetett a tanulókkal a foglalkozásáról és az ahhoz kapcsolódó témákról.

Diákjaink beszámolói:

Adam :

“I enjoyed the presentation because he described the making of films in a very detailed way, we learned about a lot of the roles in the film industry. He also made the presentation very clear and understandable. I liked that he asked questions that we could answer and then he gave us the response.”

Lara :

“I liked the presentation because it has a lot of themes. I learned that to do  films is more work than I believed. I enjoyed the presentation and the little videos.”

Milan :

“Today Guillaume Benski, a French film producer, was at our school and talked to us about filmmaking. He also informed us about what kind of people you need for making a film besides actors, such as costume designers, architects, directors, filmers. He also explained to us the different steps of making a film, like  finding sponsors or suitable places for shooting. The last step is editing the film when you remove or change things which are in the way. Or add something that the architects and designers could not create. It was an awesome hour and I found out a ton of new things about the filmmaking process.“